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For BMW R 1200 GS since 2013 (liquid-cooled)

This is the new GuardConcept CylinderGuard:


The picture on the right in the middle shows a fall damage of our development motorcycle. At low speed there was a Lowsider. The result was a scrap mature at the cylinder cover, but also the incentive to create an elegant and effective protection in the style of our proven LeverGuard.

The picture at the right side on the top shows the new protection. It prevents any contact with the ground, exactly where it could happen. But where there does not happen any contact, we did not give unnecessary mass – in keeping with the logic of the GuardConcept - Design Series using lightweight construction consequently.

Thus, this protection stands out from the predominantly very massive engineered products in the market. And since the first customer reactions are overwhelmingly positive, we believe that we have reached our target fully achieved again.

The GuardConcept Cylinder Guard is expected to be available from August. If interested, please register for our newsletter, you then learn first hand when the protection goes onto the market.

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